About me

Digital Artist Milo Mineur

‘My artworks are visualisations of our personal reality’s and those experiënces in our
(fantasy?) world, each with their specific story, while still keeping their chronological connection.

Photographic elements, often combined with 3D and a touch of imperfection creates my
unique characteristic style.

Working with the same vintage-flashes today of the 60–70’s photostudio at
Rotterdam-Crooswijk where I grew up.

Started ImageManipulation early in the 90’s with the Quantel-paintbox at Souverein
detached at Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Weesp at Neroc and VGMR and later on added
Interaction Design, programming and IOS app-development.

*Activities are
– retouche
– social media
– artwork creation
– animation / design
– working at location
– fabric / cloths applications
– studio-photography / setup / mua
– if wanted, inhouse education available
– brainstorming and i.e. concepting new ideas

Nice to know facts:

My grandpa’s brother, Leo Mineur, painted outside-commercials for cinema-movies

More info today Mineur.nl

Leo Mineur


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